NCC's overall function is to guarantee optimal availability of network services across different platforms. NCC monitors certain conditions to minimize the impact on network performance such as power failures, internet service provider downtime, etc.; NCC will troubleshoot and track issues until they are resolved.

Other duties performed are intrusion detection, domain name management, active directory maintenance, configuring routers and other network related equipment monitoring. Parameters such as inbound and outbound bandwidth, logs, active and passive connections are always visible.


NCC works hand in hand with the Management Information System (MIS) unit to support organisations in the process of collecting, storing, and effective utilization of its information resources including content management, electronic records management, web portals and email services and any application of technologies that contributes towards a paperless workplace.

Meet the Team

The network group comprises teaching and non-teaching staff who conduct research and are dedicated to the advancement of the use of networking technologies to meet the needs of the Institute and its community.

Lawal Ahmad Alassan

Coordinator, MIS

Arafat Bala Saulawa


Shehu Ibrahim Gajo

Network Administrator