Our Institute

The mission of the Insitute is to advance know-how and educate students in science, technology and engineering as the basis of a holistic education that will best serve our home state, Katsina, and the nation.

The Institute is committed to the growth of our community and beyond by incubating ideas to productive ends, generating and disseminating research findings to advance technical and business development, and, training and producing skilled manpower in ICT and Business studies.

We are a specialised, state-of-the-art school that is dedicated to providing our students with a complete education that prepares them with the levels of competency, passion, and creativity to contribute effectively to the betterment of society. To achieve this, we aspire to be a first-class education provider, globally linked and acclaimed for innovative teaching practices and research in business studies, information and communication technology and other spheres of higher learning.

Origins and History


The Institute was established under Katsina State of Nigeria Law No. 8 of 2013 as an Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI) intended to develop home grown technologies and skills in industry and government.


Envisioned as a forward looking and business friendly technical institute that combines best practices in school systems in Nigeria and around the world, the Insitute was developed as a technologically advanced Institute of Technology with economic relevance to the practical world as its first priority and purpose. The initial two schools in technology and business, as well as the interdisciplinary centres of excellence, laboratories and professional training programmes would provide a complete academic and professional education pathway fora wide cross-section of Nigeria society.

Meet The Management Team

The Institute management team comprises educational and academic professionals who bring with them many years of experience and a continuing passion to deliver quality education at all levels of society.

Dr Babangida A. Albaba


Shamsuddeen Ahmed, MNIM


Saifullahi Lawal

Academic Director

Sa'adu Maiwada



Dr Hindatu Salisu Abubakar

Institute Librarian